Salle de formation Salle de formation


Sakhalin - project of restaurateur Boris Zarkov and Vladimir Mukhin, a brand-chef of the company White Rabbit Family. A variety of seafood: shells, crabs, shrimps and fish of the Far East of Russia - on the background of a unique 360-degree panoramic view of Moscow. Gastronomy as an art where perfection of performance is achieved under the conductor's stick of taste is Sakhalin. The restaurant, which sounds the music of the seas and oceans.

Salle de formation Salle de formation

Moscow is in front of you

88 meters above the ground in the historical center of Moscow. 360 degree view with stunning views of the Stalin skyscrapers, the Garden Ring, Moscow city and the Kremlin.

Elegant chic

Irina Glik and Geometria Studio created an elegant evening style for Sakhalin with snow-white tablecloths and a cozy atmosphere. The majestic "double-decker" restaurant with 188 seats will be even more in summer.



Moscow, Smolenskaya str., 8, AZIMUT Hotel Smolenskaya

Monday - Sunday 12:00 - 24:00

+7 (495) 647-647-9

Free valet parking
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